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Toledo Superhero's

Im Mr Morris

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A lot of people give Law Enforcement a bad reputation. With biased media only showing negatives in a profession that has as many negatives and bad incidents as any other one. It's sad to see some thoughtful news that shows the real and yes, existing human care law enforcement officers have. This year will mark the 6th year that the SWAT team for the Toledo, Ohio Police Department, dress as Superhero's and repel down the side of a children's hospital to surprise six kids for Halloween.

The tradition has been ongoing, practiced every year so far by the city's Special Weapons and Tactics teams. After repelling down the side of the hospital the "Superhero's" went inside to greet the children and talk to them. 

"It's nice to just see [these kids] have a day where they can just be themselves and just be kids again and not have to worry about being in the hospital and just enjoy themselves," SWAT officer Matt Slayman, who went as Wolverine, told WNWO. (Quote taken from PoliceOne.com)


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