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Enlisted Stories #2

New Harry Cramb

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Resident Agent in Charge

Resident Agent in Charge


In a country far far away, where potatoes grow in the back garden of each house there was a man playing Halo and ignoring orders. 

So this again was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in time about a man called Falout and oh boy was this kid ALWAYS 'fallingout' with everyone. He was one of those kids to always cry when not getting his way and would run right up to the top of high command. Which again is the most annoying thing in the world... I believe i was a little trolly E3 or E4 and i had just transferred tpo the saratoga and i was on halo 5 one day and saw the Meriwether in a recruitment lobby. I joined it and the most interesting site occurred that ive ever seen.  There was an E0 giving orders to an E5 my mind was bewildered. I saw falout was in the party (he was a Junior officer at the time) and i asked the man why is he barking orders at an E5. At that point he swiftly corrects me "SHE you mean". At this point my mind expanded into the known universe realizing the minds of these poor Enlisted and Junior officer have been taken under spell by none other than a E-girl. She started to scream in the party to tell everyone to shut up while she recruits and Falout apologizes once again my jaw had dropped in which i respoinded to her "no im having a conversation with you officer, show some respect" in which she then says to falout " are you going to let him talk to me like that?".

I got kicked from the party soon after and found out they were 'going out on xbox'. Those two later resigned because they didnt want to do crouch laps for t-bagging on a stream.

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