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Noble Death of Matrix, fate of a recruit lost to ego


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


He looks up at the recruiting officer wondering where his High School diploma could give an inch in on what he wanted to do. The recruiter grind, "Of course you can join, and what's this? Competitive experience in Halo? You're in" with no regard for the recruit, he sets up the match as a try out, surely anyone who claimed to be from Video Game High School and competitive in Halo be a challenge.

Tiers were explained before the game loaded, the recruiter explained that Tier 1 was for members that could compete in Halo for money. Matrix not understanding the difference between pro and am went with the charades that ended up in a try out, a 1v1 match against an instructor and Tier 1 operative.

Matrix spawns in bottom Blue of Guardian, ready to meet his maker he throws grenades to Gold lift while the operator is on the completely other side of the map watching him waste grenades. The operator picks up Sniper and perches on the tower overlooking Guardian, Matrix swings around from Gold lift to Blue tunnel and out into the open of top mid. He can't see the snipers glare and gets blaned as the Operator takes no chances against him in a try out of someone who claimed to have experience.

The game goes on in agonizing defeat as the recruiter, operator and Matrix sit in the same Xbox Party completely quiet. Matrix is failing to do jumps on Guardian, with sweaty palms missing shots he swears he regularly would hit. Frustrated the operator didn't give him a chance ending the game in 15-0 he agrees to accept a Tier 3 operator selection in ONI CAP, later assigned to a UNSC ship to continue operations.

Matrix saw the clan and thought nothing of it, He truly believed he was above clans and the members before him despite placing the lowest in stats and having little to prove otherwise. He lashed out at the Commanding Officer begging to be apart of the pro team. The commanding officer looked his way, "You are a walking doormat here, no more than a turtle on two thumbsticks to play so bad and want so much more, the most we can do is train you to be better" Matrix responded, "Spawn trapping and sniping takes no skill on Halo 3 Guardian" for which the Commanding Officer took note of and sent Matrix back to be assessed for Tier 1 again.

ONI Candidate Assessment Program saw this, as a repeated user if he fails the assessment he may die. Matrix acknowledged this, he thought nothing of what he said and pressed forward. He was slaughtered again on Guardian in the exact same way, the instructor/operator was a different one and told not to show any mercy or remorse. Matrix would jump, trip over his own grenades and fall endlessly into the abysmal forest that is Guardians. He was not seen again and his body has not been recovered. ONI administratively decided that an entry-level separation was the best option for his enlistment status.

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