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PNBF Introduction


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



Project Navcom Beta Fleet also known as PNBF was founded by Naval Command's original Mike S120 II who was known to the community as Sweaty Mike. After leaving Naval Command because he was found too unethical he had gotten and urge to take down NavCom and recruit anyone who was willing to play 18 hours a day and stay in raids until their fingers cramped up. Sweaty Mike founded this clan in mid 2014, as stated previously anyone who was ready to tackle the challenge was allowed to join but one biggest requirement of all was if Sweaty Mike deemed you not an autist. This is where many people failed to join PNBF's ranks. Due to the lack of brains in the Halo: Reach community PNBF's army was small. It had three people in it. That was Sweaty Mike (the founder), Kerzon Junior (the co-founder), and Disclaimable . These three were the original clan terrorists. Their crimes against the community ranged from stealing Elite BKB kids role-play signatures and claiming them as their own to buying a J-Tag so Sweaty Mike could troll streamers such as Hypnotic Hams and 3sk kids with a H:CE magnum off their raid base. PNBF's name became famous very quickly. Then one day during a cold winter afternoon Disclaimable and Kerzon were on taking over raid bases and claiming Project Navcom Beta Fleet raid wins. Then all of a sudden Sweaty Mike got on and invited them. Before joining the game Disclaimabad and Kerzon got a quick sense of intensity radiating off of their CO. They join the lobby and he informs them that NavCom is searching as a to8 in BKB. Disclaimabad and Kerzon understand what must be done and put on their turbans. The clan terrorists were getting ready to do what they do best, rape NavCom. After a minute of searching, they match against NavCom. The lobby is silent then all of a sudden you hear Sweaty Mike scream, "you kids are about to get fucking raped."

No one from NavCom says a word because they were in a state of distress. The dirty beaners out vote NavCom and get heavies on Asphalt. NavCom was not prepared for this. Then the match starts, straight red bar due to all the beaners bridging host like they were bloom and sprint doubles kids. xElxxTigre8372x screams at his mom that she's a puta with his Kinect beaner mic and this brings humor to our three heroes. Sweaty Mike by this point, along with Disclaimabad signal to each other that they are ready. They begin to collectively drop 500 MGs of addy and now they were ready to 5 NavCom with their bloom rifles. Sweaty Mike had built up an immense tolerance from all his days of having addy rage and injecting Redbull into his blood stream with Walshy and Ogre 2 at the Beach LAN. He has to inject numerous amounts of MGs a day to sustain a charisma that won't put him in full KingNick mode. So, Sweaty Mike off the start grabs the blain stick and waits for someone from NavCom to grab their blain stick. The NavCom kid grabs their blain stick. He begins breathing heavy and panicking because he knows who he is up against. He peeks, and then with ease Mike out blains the NavCom idiot trying to make a play. He makes no comment and just lets off a quick chuckle because he knows that snipe was nothing compared to what he was about to do. He calls out, "Veer Zamamamamamai mobile in bottom mid." Disclaimabad quickly hops in their Veer Zamamamammamamamai mobile at the base and pursues to unload his wraith mortars all over the enemy wraith just like Veer Zamamu does to Hayley's chest as he beats her with an Xbox controller for having no tits. However, Disclaimable knew something was wrong when he could not see his mortars due to xXx El Juan XxX's host. He calls out, "these stupid fucking beaners and their dogshit connection have deactivated my wraih's ability to shoot me wraith mortars. This may be it for me."

Knowing his time is up he says: "I'm going down soldiers." Then inevitably a NavCom marine sneaks up on Disclaimabad and jacks his wraith. He signals to his fellow combatants he has been boarded by saying, "yep this stupid nigger boarded me I'm dead." Then all of a sudden Mike looks at the wraith for a split second and blains the role-player before he can complete the grenade animation being planted into the wraith. Out of frustration be says, "Disclaimabad can you be aware and not be a stupid beaner." Disclaimable nods his head and says, "yessir yessir." So at this point, NavCom has lost their blain stick and their Veer Zamamamamamai mobile. They are panicking because they might have to start relying on their DMR skill and they know a to3 of PNBF augments are superior to a to8 NavCom kids. Kerzon Junior, being the ultimate BKB strategist knows that there is more on this map than just a wraith and a blain stick that could be a thorn in PNBF's side. He grabs the grenade launcher and pursues NavCom's spawn. He know this will be the most crucial play he makes all match. He crouches, and prepares to use all the crouch lap training he has received from his time PNBF's boot camps. "One spotted proceed to fire" Disclaimabad says to KJ, "they're coming hurry up you stupid nigger" says Disclaimabad frantically. KJ looks at the revy and knows he has one sticky grenade that will dictate the flow of the match. He says "see ya lata woosa" and destroys the enemy revy. He screams down his mic after bathing in the glory of his accomplishment for a second, "yeah let's get out of here before these kids team shot us." Him and Disclaimable make their great escape and fall back to Sweaty Mic. Now that NavCom have lost their vehicles & blain stick, the PNBF forces know there is nothing NC can do. They start rushing their spawn. Sweaty Mike has both snipers stacked. He jumps to bottom mid and turns into King Sweep and blains NavCom kids left and right pushing them back into their spawn.

Disclaimable injected another 200+ MGs of addy before pursuing NavCom's spawn begins TU Magnum spamming NavCom kids for triple kills and assisting Mike with spawn control. KJ asks if there is anything he can do, his CO Mike responds with, "Uh don't die like the dogshit idiot you are?" KJ follows his CO's instructions and assists Disclaimabad because he needs it more than Mike does. After spawn killing for a minute Mike runs out of blain stick ammo and pulls out a BR. He begins to quad shot NavCom across the map off their spawn. Unfortunately, the ugly NavCom Virgin Chris Pimples also known as Jai S006 II sneaks past Sweaty Mike as he out BRs Romeo Koju Agu. All of his raid training has taught him how to bait his fellow clannies and escape out of situations where skill is required. He tries to sneak up on Mike but before he can do anything Sweaty Mike BXR's him for the Jaro and begins to BXB his dead body while laughing and saying, "go back to raids you stupid Reacher." Naval Command gives up and gets beaten 150-0. The PNBF forces were victorious and proceed to shit talk NavCom kids before they can back out of the lobby. Mike ends up going, 50-0 whilst KJ and Disclaimable go 25-0. Once they enter the post-game lobby all PNBF forces begin to harmonize in a shit talking harmony. NavCom defeated by their superior Spartan foes. Back out, appear offline, then continue to search BKB beaners in an attempt to stat their KD after avoiding all three PNBF augments. Sweaty Mike, in the MM lobby ego'ing NC kids via messages awards Disclaimabad and Kerzon Junior by giving them their very own H1 Pistols. Now the two PNBF augments can practice their BLBs and 3sks on Elite kids RP'ing on Forge World. This excites the two PNBF soldiers and they automatically pay homage to their CO, marking another win down in the books.

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