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A World War III


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Thoughts? Plays? 

A Prologue: Special Forces/Black Ops teams already are active, fighting for resources of killing specific targets. Countries are more invested on economical profit to relation in geopolitical tensions. The war is already ongoing in a smaller theater and those deployed within the higher brass should know that its nothing more than conquest. For who is yet to be determined. 

My theory, 

Countries agree to financial rules of engagement in private interests. It's very strange but if you follow the news around ISIS attacks and reports from various governments the terrorists forces are more interested in attacking these facilities than civilian areas.

America is so in debt to other countries that it relies on its military instead of paying back the debt. Because of the debt to a multitude of countries America dedicates its assets to relief, coalitions and other efforts that don't even really suite our needs or interests of the people. Including favors for China, exchanging intelligence with Israel and even operations in Yemen for other parties behind closed doors, we do business with Russia and give leeway to many of the odd countries that do wrong here and there. 

WWI started out similarly with an assassination taking place, this most recent assassination however is something that concludes the prologue and sheds a little light into the shadow wars that are taking place. In a episode where we all know the CIA is back channeling weapons to ISIS and other terrorist groups who we promote to bring to power the General in Iran was close to finding and presenting solid evidence of this to a world stage. Where the president (which would not matter but so haphazardly has to be Trump) would have to agree to stop and prevent the possible outcome of this the decision a drone strike was probably a joke, a career ending one that the operators decide to present to Trump as an option for him to choose over others to control the chaos in how they plan scenarios from Langley.

We don't know if this is truly up to Trump, I am very confident actually that the nature of these operations, any president before would have made the decision to execute the general. I am also pretty sure that Trump's policy makers and government really control him as a puppet leader and that there is a higher power. While he tweets and brings the drama on Twitter (from which Twitter gauges profits from peoples content) the overall government is always providing him options, formulating the plan and going through with it easily convincing him. The cover up story is the worst part though, in a more connected world like today where no other news outlet credible and not owned by american companies is reporting something completely different it just all looks very bad. The embassy being held in Iran and raided is nothing new, Marines being deployed (with no movement from American allies) one could guess we have something more than just an embassy to evacuate and other private interests to protect. The only matching piece to go on with a war is a greater depression. In which, China has $400,000,000,000 (Billion) dollars of oil and investment in Iran and Russia follows significantly lower but there too. Money market is something I've not knowledgeable about when it comes to these countries but if you had $400 Billion in your bank you wouldn't want anyone else to touch it right? 

In retrospective Iran is still a playground for countries to fight proxy wars in and a WW3 would not happen because it is not profitable, If we see a depression where the value of currencies drop and it does become profitable I think we will see it. How the market swings today its unpredictable - and even if Iran continues to strike and attack US forces in Iran it will not raise tensions outside of the media releasing countless articles with brazing headlines. 

1 more thing to note is the power of media, to which I believe influenced the decision to say yes and was used in an argument to Trump for convincing him. For more than half a month all media outlets took his impeachment and ran with it, to which no sociopathic being likes the defamation, the humiliation and how close you are to losing power. 

I hope to see more memes and stupid reserves people crying in short videos for attention about being deployed when they are literally in the Coast Guard, the most fascinating thing is the war fought on memes on Twitter. 



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