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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Recently came across someone who had these in both eyes, it is a defect; a hole in one of the structures of the eye, such as the iris, retina, choroid, or optic disc. A coloboma (from the Greek koloboma, meaning defect) The classical description in medical literature is of a key-hole shaped defect. A coloboma can occur in one eye (unilateral) or both eyes (bilateral). Most cases of coloboma affect only the iris. The level of visible impairment of those with a coloboma can range from having no vision problems to being able to see only light or dark, depending on severity and the position of the coloboma (or colobomata if more than one is present). It affects less than one in every 10,000 births.

For feint of heart I won't add pictures this time, but for those curious should definitely plug it into google images. 

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