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Proposed Plan for ONI



Hello all, Shawn here, again. 

I don't know if Accessing is suddenly a daunting name to confront, believe it or not I changed my gamer tag solely because I thought it sounds cool and the option presented itself when I was looking for one but now people treat me like a completely different person, It's a little odd to be treated like a robot, or accused of impersonating myself but I can only expect the shallow likeness of my Xbox Live profiles and Discords with little presence around Halo anymore perpetuate this, I started ONI in what seems like forever ago and it has grown with me, adapting and extending from my persona. I enjoy Halo, yes even Halo Infinite and genuinely believe both the game and franchise will find more success as it matures. Playing in an even smaller geographically locked disadvantageous demographic I can still enjoy Halo for what it is, with others to win and that is what I see for ONI through its framed narrative storytelling. 

It has been sometime since I've talked openly about where ONI is going and how to expand, recover from disinterest or inactivity and explore more of the Halo universe using our strong medium. Esports is just one initiative to add competitive pressure into the space, legally binding documents with law firms and talent scouting/management as an agency but this is not what this is about, while it definitely will still happen I want to first and foremost dispel this announcement from any kind of esport capitalization. It still very much has to do with this new direction but is not the core to what unrealized talent we have now and can foster for the future.

The most important thing to go over is that ONI isn't going to be the ONI you know anymore and the plan is an entirely new direction to outcompete our niche market, but also enter a new one.

By no means am I leaving the name to the constant antagonists that feverishly look to become comparable to us, or the other bad actors that use role playing as a guise for committing fraud and more heinous acts co-opting our name creating more commotion around our brand to distract from simply playing the game. 

I intend to go beyond Halo clans, like staff has always wanted, volunteering so many hours into making this platform home to merit and transfer skills in to master and out to provide value to other communities. To take what we do and learn over video games and carry them over into our respective industries and making value to share is what we eventually want to do. In IT, Business, Marketing, Advertising and Data Science industries. Beyond leadership development and personal characteristics to tangible commercial talents. 

The first thing to go over is the goal, the mission of what ONI is and always will be the focus to comradery and forged friendships created through player experiences and collaborative storytelling. 

How do we tell this story? 

Through Black box, Black-Box (AI Serial Number: BBX 8995-1), commonly referred to as "BB", a fourth-generation "smart" artificial intelligence construct built by the United Nations Space Command. While a "smart" AI, Black-Box possesses at his core a set of "dumb" processes, which can be separated from his higher thought processes and function as a "dumb" AI, operating independently of the main AI, but still fully within his awareness. Using what we know from lore, we are developing a framed narrative experience around this community using the Halo API provided by Zeny IC, or Alexis Bize to access Halo Infinite and Halo: The Master Chief Collection game data. Creating an layer over everything we do with more incentives, data-driven from connected accounts and with interaction with the website BB's "dumb" personality to build challenges, awards and organization on top of the game.  

Some of the things we are creating BB's independent splinter to do

  • Organize players together by location data from Halo
  • Organize players based on skill level and scale to TrueSkill2, coding an average team MMR creating both fun games to play for all skill levels internally as well as in matchmaking
  • Onboard players to experiences, anything from the forums to hijacking a Banshee. 
  • Share Halo game knowledge from a repository of saved information
  • Pull Halo service records and present them as a AI browsing Spartan files
  • Create challenges on Halo Infinite with onsite medals and credits as awards 

We intend on changing the domain name to blackbox.ai or other ONI -permissable name to be more openly accepted by others in the Halo community


How do we improve player experience? 

BB becoming the center to this website will be programmed to walk with the player to achieve milestones set up on the site. These milestones and awards will be anything from achievement hunting too, in-game challenges on top of/aside from the weekly and battle pass challenges. For what players do in game they can be paid out of game and more through the gamification of our website and future apps to gratify users to commit both more time to play together and get better at the game beating posted scores in leaderboards alone and as a group. 

Why might someone want to do challenges that don't have in-game merit? 

  • We've allowed and give discount to use on website credits to buy in-game stuff 
  • It can add a layer to the game that creates more incentive than the already established game theory

What player experiences are specifically offered with ONI?

  • The feeling of being accepted for you, your stats and history around Halo
  • Awards for kills, captures and progress otherwise absent in the games
  • Awards again but for finishing the campaign, playing with friends and winning games
  • Credits an form of in-universe currency that is used as a tool to exchange time for value
  • Added value in finding others that play better and challenge you to become a better Spartan


How do we foster community? 

ONI has been a community within itself for a very long time. In waves this has pulled to the ocean and crashed into the banks of sand as a washing repetition of life and what comes after. Our veterans have left, resigned to tour the world playing golf or sit by the beach with a vacation home. This has put us in an interesting predicament of change, the core to this community for engagement is bringing the change we want to see and creating the conversations that invite all of us to participate in. Now has become rightfully the time for that and hopefully as many realize the potential of friends in any tactical shooter game we can remain competitive with other communities that don't care for its members and put numbers before names.

A new guideline has been created, way of recruiting and keeping track of people. But in the event we can't? 

  • Paid positions, interns and official jobs around community moderation as well as a network
  • Partners officially and unofficially managing events, hosting events and mixing opportunities with our members providing a full calendar of events for Halo and more games 
  • Streamers, graphic art consultation, talent agency and contractor arbitrage in the creative economy 


Becoming a platform is not easy, watching HaloArchive.com and later communities rise and fall its a duanting task. Especially in a simplized digital app-driven future (which we are not leaving out) to become competitive in this space we are offering a number of digital products free to members that we will take to the community and win the day over as creatives and as fans. 



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