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  • Isaac Hanaford for Halo 3: ODST

    Founded in September 2004, ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) began as a tight-knit group of high school friends who shared a passion for Halo and storytelling on Bungie.net groups feature. Over the past decade, our community has grown alongside advancements in technology and digital sharing, leading us to become dedicated to creating immersive storylines within the Halo universe and our own platform.

    As a framed narrative experience, ONI designs meta for Halo gamers to explore and enjoy. Operating under the name ONI, our community utilizes the immersive world of Halo video games and a variety of community resources to establish a deep connection between our users, data, and the greater brand. We analyze the game in depth to create engaging endgame activities that serve as both a shared experience and a means of progression for our members.

    Our focus on long-term player engagement has allowed ONI to become sustainable, growing with its founder into a platform of desirable features from all Halo fans past or present, becoming a true relationship between staff and goals to be dedicated in bringing out the best of every member, no matter what game we're playing. 

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