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First and foremost I need to announce (this is the official announcement) that we're going to be building a publishing team to consistently meet the deadlines and demand for Halo content in areas not already covered by the top 10 Halo content creators currently on the platform. For details of the publishing team and more specifically the 2 YouTube channels this thread is going to be about message me over here or Discord, be sure to include details about messaging me for the YouTube channels though, I receive messages often and it takes some time to calibrate and answer astuciously. 

In a self-reflection of my time and generationally taking a step back, YouTube has been there in all prospects to life with the overall consumption in hours exceeding that of which anyone would spend at school from elementary to high school. It is embarrassing to not have anything up when it serves the very ethos of what ONI is, as a data repository for remembering events and following drama. I think in our staff we've failed throughout the years to execute in practice and not in perfection. We never sit and produced anything of value to this platform because we could not think of a way to make it perfect. Growing up from however old that was, with everyone too the thinking is the same as adults and it took some time to unlearn and relearn this mindset that habitually making content is better than trying to be perfect for one piece of content. 

So the 1 Year Plan for both channels


The channel serves as a brand account for ONI, uploading in a framed narrative that is storytelling as ONI. The first couple of videos will not reflect this and be more personable, before getting very serious on and around Halo topics. The outlook of this channel is to fit its niche audience and share information around the Halo universe, retelling stories where Halo Canon no longer will and fill in but also add to the voids that Halo Archive and many other curators left. Exploring discussions had around lore, what-if scenarios and more as we've seen from Reclaimer Gaming. I may also look into pivoting natively to Japanese populations and post Japanese videos as simply there are none around Halo but after making a cadence we'll explore other languages. 

For now these sets of videos are expected. 

  1. Recollect and share our plan for the foreseeable future. I intend this to probably be a one cut, visual and concept share. This is going to probably be a re-introduction to the community and I imagine the engagement will be mixed as many have different expectations on what we should be doing and where to grow. 
  2. Dispel any rumors, we've picked 4 rumors to honor my gamer tag "Shawn4Japan" to make videos of, but if I can think of any more engaging ones than we'll do that too. One we actually already made but Osman had deleted the video. It was a recorded meeting of us talking amongst staff with cameras on over Discord about the Halo Outpost Discovery and coming Female Pro League (or SWAT Nation girls/duos?) Halo tournaments. Hopefully I can retrieve this footage to just upload again, if not @ADM S Osman already agreed to make a special appearance. So about 4-5 videos in total. As the editor myself, I will most likely not commit anymore time to editing a video longer than 5 minutes, with 10-15 minutes the longest I will probably make any video. 
  3. Third set of videos is going to be development behind the scenes and tutorials. I've been reluctant about making tutorial videos forever because of the changing technologies we use but we're at bare minimum ready to make videos on where to find certain information and explanation as to how things are organized and why they are organized in that way. I don't know how many videos this will be but we can probably make an astronomical amount of videos. I will stick to some basics around the website that I know are not going to see a change in the foreseeable future -which will be another 4-5 videos. 
  4. Fourth videos and beyond will start from Halo Infinite's storyline and where ONI is in the same in-universe year. We'll start releasing information from the game and where it ties in with the Rubicon Protocol book that I bought but haven't opened yet. I'll most likely ask Harry to read lines and use game play of him lagging killing grunts or something. But more seriously, the planned videos here will be for around Halo Infinite's story, the book Rubicon Protocol and its extended story by season. 


ACCESSING ONI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFCQnK6iQLAEqVO1xVmDfjQ

This channel is a newer channel that is going to be a realignment, focusing on the community itself from the latter channel that is going to be about lore. The analysis paralysis that is not uploading habitually to get better is answered by having this channel be for ourselves instead of the identity we want to keep that we don't actually own. Hopefully through both efforts we can drown out the other groups, but I want to emphasize that is not the goal. Why this channel was created was because the access to our community and events we share should not be confused with where we want ONI to go in a framed narrative, you can think of this as a more relaxing and insider content for our members as the audience instead of a broader greater Halo community who may only be interested in lore or different perspectives of ONI. I do not expect this channel to boon but I will also do any interviews with other members and people, clan content and updates as well as access to what I do and behind the scenes. 

The following sets of videos 

  1. Introduction to ONI, history on ONI and its digital footprint. I won't do this one cut super long video I have on my personal YouTube channel but this time do quick cut, explanation and legend of what ONI was. I'll probably have a friend do some voice acting so he can add something to his resume. 
  2. Hall of fame and staff honorary videos. This will kind of follow along side the first set, I will omit Sechemet though and anyone else controversial. I don't want to talk for people, or put anything they may not have said in their mouths and start anything, These videos might even just be shorts since the graphics for that is easier to publish and fawn over in a mobile device. The YouTube has been a missed opportunity to play on the age of communities. A video made in 2005 on the platform is still there in 2020, YouTube will also likely not be shut down anytime in 100 years so these videos are a sort of catch up to this idea. Expect 2 videos, but if I have the content for it more I may create more. 
  3. Interviews and personal vidocuseries. Obviously I cannot follow the lives of people we know, but will check up and invite anyone/ everyone to be interviewed about Halo Infinite, ONI and their general thoughts. I am most excited for this because I think its something everyone wants to know about each other that isn't so commonly known behind the empty surveys we fill out Halo support website. The amount of videos will be dependent on most peoples schedules but I will probably set a limit of 10, before inviting other clan leaders to also join the discussion. Think of this as a newer but to lower grade of DividableHaloHD's effort to capture voices around the community. 
  4. Best unit, deployment videos and clan battles. This last set coming in later but should be no later than Q1 of 2023, I'll also be playing catch up here uploading the engagements and scrims we have had as a community internally and with the help of are partners and other tournament organizers. I have outsourced this bit with little record but it has been a success in activity and where available I will document it in the coming 1-9 videos. 


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