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Domain Name Change



Hello ONI, 

As you may have noticed we've had our domain changed! In what was a very long down time, longer than what was expected we have finally changed our name to the available option amongst the 3. While down the road, Blackbox.ai will be the goal to pool up to we will indefinitely use Lysithea and create an experience around her as a SECTION 3 HIGHCOM AI. 


Lysithea is an Office of Naval Intelligence Section 3 Artificial intelligence construct. She was located in the UNSC High Command's headquarters, HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 in Sydney, Australia. She was programmed as a security precaution, questioning people who wanted to enter the facility's more classified areas. ONI programmed her to test for the tone and condition of responses to her queries, previous responses, as well as their adherence to Article 428-A. Despite her serious position, she was somewhat playful with the people in the facility. She also attempts to have people tell her classified information, though this is to scan voice and response patterns.


Experience around her? What could I mean by that... 

Using OpenAI and the resources allowed to us we're developing our platform for clans to use a new iteration of Spartan Companies. Turning a new leaf for ONI in itself leading Prowlers and other units to a new generation of leaders. Using an interactive experience we'll be creating an engaging splinter personality as we know these AI's can create of Lysithea to add a little bit of fan fiction around the place using the Xbox, Steam and Halo unofficial API's. This project has been added to the work we're doing around the backend of the site with a new deadline. March 1st 2023! 


If you have any questions, suggestions or comment do let me know! For a sneak peak of what (or who) or maybe how we're going to be working this and getting it done.

Check out this: [ https://halo-5-visualizer.appspot.com/ ] Fans of Halo 5: Guardians might remember this prior to launch! 



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