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The Sum is Greater than the parts



As the last level of Kill masteries for the Spartan Company commendations to the ultimate reward of the Achilles helmet, the namesake of this article follows what it entails. 

From all the things said already, each units page includes collective stats based on every member's performances. However, this does not include actions performed before joining the unit. Players can view their overall stats in Multiplayer, Campaign across Halo The Master Chief Collection and Halo Infinite in the service record section. Stats are updated automatically whenever an individual member plays, and it is not required for the members to actually play together as a team in multiplayer. Stats for individual members are not available in the company's service record, however the page does display the best players in some domains. In Multiplayer, it focuses on Highest CSR, K/D ratio, accuracy, time played and win percentage, among other stats. In Campaign, it displays stats on missions completed, LASO completion and achievements.

What we are intending to do is ambitious and to some, unnecessary but to us its a passion. 

And so we bring back commendations!


We're not looking to reinvent the wheel here, this is going to be part of a progression to show your units level. The unit level is going to be a combination of all the commendations as you progress with your comrades through them. The quick takeaways! 

  • Unit level is going to be represented as Veterancy and will go up to 15 stars
  • Xbox achievement progression of all players will count towards this
  • Custom challenges here on the site will have rewards adding unit level

We're building a think tank over Discord, if you are interested on helping expand this with new ideas please join and make it known in the #lobby https://discord.gg/ONI


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