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  • The Banished

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    Clan Name: The Banished
    Founded: July 2017
    Leader: Atriox
    Council: Atriox, Escharum, Siirvius
    Status: Active on MCC and Infinite

    Before the creation of the Banished, ArtL0x had nearly completed reaching maximum rank on Halo 5 in the summer of 2017. The only objective besides that left was to attain the Achilles helmet and armor set, unlockable by a Spartan company, a group of individuals that worked together under one name to complete all of the listed accommodations required to attain the full armor set. Atriox had joined a Spartan company on Halo 5 called "Hydra Nations" that was near to unlocking the helmet. Mere weeks had passed and the Spartan company was disbanded by the founder. It took Atriox little time to find 2 Spartan companies, one close to attaining the armor, the other close to attaining the helmet. He had joined both of them and attained both armor pieces in less than one week.

    After attaining the complete Achilles set, Atriox sought to help other people attain the Achilles set by forming his own Spartan company. He created an unconventional Spartan company named "The Banished Empire" that would utilize and incorporate ranks from the Banished faction that was revealed in the Halo Wars 2 real-time strategy game just months prior. The different "ranks" were to be earned by Spartan company members attributing in certain ways and completing goals to help towards unlocking the Achilles set. 

    Although an interesting idea, many people confused the group for a traditional clan, which Atriox at the time had no experience in as he was not a part of any clan prior. After some of the members had convinced Atriox to make it a traditional clan, "The Banished Empire", now a proper clan, had initiated on July 27th of 2017 and thus began the first proper Banished group in the clan community.


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