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Community Outreach Team



Hello ONI, 

As I have mentioned very brief to staff only, I am opening and creating a Community Outreach team. Where Community Outreach may not be the best term to define this team as it will expand into more marketing and community management responsibilities, Outreach is the perfect word to use as we look to specifically fulfill the underlying definition in providing services to any population that might not otherwise have access to those services. As the kind of first step into the new model and neuroplasticity to where I am taking ONI its important to me how we can grow and where we can compensate people for their time and effort. This is the beginning trials of this. 

While we work on the website, purging inactive members and fixing links as well as finishing design elements at the higher level. Our Discord proved invaluable to keeping a connected community and source of information especially while the website was down. And so, most of this teams day-to-day will be over Discord. 

As of now our current staff we have tenable goals we want to reach for Discord;

  • Reach and grow more than 1,000 Discord members for ONI's Discord. 
    This is specifically at the request of @ADM S Osman to have the added feature of hiding offline users. 
  • Grow to 50 servers following our Discord 
    This is an function and metric where announcement channels are shared across partnered communities, as a New requirement for partnership with ONI's Discord server. 
  • Apply for Discord Partnership Program
    This is the effort to reach the minimum requirement to apply for Partnership, an average of 50 communicators voice/text per week, an average of 100 visitors per week, an average of 20% first week retention rates for new joiners not including raids or users who bounce quickly* 

These goals will be followed by a compensation package, divided amongst the team and paid out through PayPal *potentially Zelle or other services (still exploring this) 

  • $50 
  • $100 
  • $300

In this being a trial, I want to allow for some room for error. If this compensation isn't enough for the effort we will discuss as a team internally the best approach and increase at each package. It is non-competitive and It is an expectation that the team will work together to reach each goal. While this is the monetary compensation to this job other forms of awards might be introduced to recognize achievement and effort in other areas. As this has to do with multiple Discord servers including ONI's 

Officially, the job Responsibilities planned is: 

  • Handling public relations, such as developing strategic relationships, attending partner events, and conducting informational presentations.
  • Collecting and analyzing data through Discord Server Insights 
  • Advertising for, screening, and recruiting volunteers, providing them with training and support, tracking their performance, and keeping records of their activities.
  • Creating activities to supplement and support staff needs.
  • Verifying the volunteers' availability, receiving their feedback, recognizing their efforts, and answering their questions.
  • Performing administrative duties, such as overseeing mailings, organizing travel, monitoring budget information, and reporting on financial issues.


  • A Highschool Diploma and Interest in marketing, journalism, public relations, social services, or related field.
  • Strong industry knowledge, especially gaming and Halo.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
  • Experience with institutional databases, public access sites, and primary research skills.
  • Good reporting, technical, and statistical skills.

Because we've been trying to grow the Discord for so long I think it stands to say that adding a deadline now especially for these metrics might not matter as much as the compensation for them. The payout will be on completion with a January 1st planned pruning event. The Discord which our engagement analytics show about 343 members inactive in the last 30 days /what an uncanny number. 


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After some discussions and thoughts on this team for funding and goals we decided to go a different direction. 

The article will be edited to reflect this change; in short we're going to go for the requirements for server discovery instead of Discord partnership and remove compensation for members by team. 

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