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To Do Checklist for Retirement

Enda Goodwin

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Field Agent

Field Agent

You’ve decided that retirement is right for you, so what’s next? Use the road map provided to explore what retirement means to you, explore the possibilities, then create and execute a plan to ensure your success.

  1. Think about all the possibilities for this phase of life. Consider the relationship you want with work. Possibilities: Explore Your Possibilities
  2. Explore the non-financial rewards and motivators that have been important to you throughout your career and life. These may have implications during retirement. Priorities: Explore Life's Personal Rewards
  3. Create a vision of your ideal life using the Six Domains of Life. Set aside practical constraints to define what you really want for yourself and others close to you in this next phase. Priorities: Envision the Next Phase
  4. Reflect on your interests, values, capabilities, priorities, obligations and desires to create a couple tentative plans. Include practical considerations and the interests of those important to you. How much of your vision you can make real - and how soon? Priorities: Consider Your Options
  5. Take a quick look at the resources you will need to bring your vision to reality. Consider money, health, relationships, friendships and other resources that you might need to succeed. What resources do you have? What’s needed and how will you obtain them? Priorities: Examine Your Resources
  6. Set short and long-term goals with specific steps you can take to achieve them. Remember to anticipate possible barriers and brainstorm possible solutions to ensure your progress in achieving your plan. Plan: Create and Implement Your Plan
  7. Learn using LinkedIn Learning and General Assembly. Attend Career advice webinars and Events hosted by LHH’s Career Experts.


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