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To Do Checklist for Gig | Portfolio Careers

Enda Goodwin

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Field Agent

Field Agent

As an independent worker, your product is your brand. You need to market yourself and your work to find that next gig.

  1. Create a Communication Strategy including a Positioning/Branding Statement: a headline, a 30 second elevator speech & a 2 minute branding statement, an Exit Statement and 20-30 Accomplishment stories. Communications Strategies
  2. Write a Resume that includes all your experience. You will tailor that resume to the roles you are applying to later. Make sure to include all your technical skills. Resume Essentials
  3. Post a Resume on LHH’s Digital talent exchange. LHH wants to connect you to roles that fit! Your data is private here. Upload Your Resume!
  4. Get your resume and LinkedIn profile reviewed by our Branding Specialists. They will make your resume ATS friendly. Resume Essentials or LinkedIn Session 2
  5. Work with recruiters when you have a clear brand. Yoss is an LHH Partner that helps you land your next gig opportunity. Working with Search Firms
  6. Upskill and reskill using LinkedIn Learning and General Assembly. Attend Career advice webinars and Events hosted by LHH’s Career Experts.
  7. Attend Networking events using your brand and marketing your skills and expertise. Engage Your Network OR Effective Networking
  8. Research salary ranges and establish your salary range expected for your next role. Research: Salary Research Resources
  9. Activate Ella; job search through Ella and JobScout to ensure your privacy. Understand how your data is monetized. If you’re not paying for an app or service, a company is likely monetizing your usage in some other way (job boards in particular) — likely through the data it’s collecting about you. You are a target now! (Consider adding Ella Onboarding Notes)
  10. Optimize your resume/LI profile with www.Jobscan.co to match the roles you are applying for. The job search system is broken and great applicants are slipping through the cracks. LinkedIn Session 2 OR Resume Essentials
  11. Practice your Interviewing skills. Interview Center
  12. Be successful as a new candidate in a new role. Networking within the organization you are working for and with external clients, vendors, distributors, anyone who can see your work and the value you bring to the table. The more people notice you and your brand, the better your chances are of being asked for more work, getting an extension of your contract or even being offered a full-time opportunity if you’d like one. Maintaining Your Career Momentum


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