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The Disappearance of Corporal Sechemet.

Im Mr Morris

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Corporal ODST J Sechemet of the 105th Drop Shock Battalion is now MIA. For quite some time, members of his squad below him have reported strange occurrences of delusion radiating from the Corporal. Instances of randomly questioning his men “Do you like me?”. A Private reported once making a comedic pun about Corporal Sechemet being consistently cocky about his skill performance, the Corporal later on pulled this Private into a secluded area and began to question him with panic-like intensity. “You don’t actually think I’m cocky do you?” “Do the other guys think I’m annoying?”, the Private reported that Sechemet was delusional with what appeared to be clinical insecurity disorder.


Sechemet according to his squad was a skilled combatant, with a very competitive mindset. It was reported a few days after this interview that Sechemet began to act paranoid and would charge at the enemy base during a raid on his own leaving his squad behind, typically following up over the integrated comms system in their helmets saying “Dude did you just see me take out those three guys” followed by hysterical laughter. Corporal Sechemet has gone MIA once or twice before this occurrence, his previously reported MIA was after he filed an official LOA due to a family member being sick. He was then spotted one day after his LOA submission asking members of the vessel he was stationed on, The UNSC Meriwether Lewis if they’d like to join him in fighting on the planet Reach. Despite his LOA the Corporal was still spotted in combat on the planet of Reach. Corporal Sechemets final time being seen was before he claimed in a hysterical state that he wanted to become a professional gamer for something call “Call of Duty”.


Corporal Sechemet is still missing to this day. 

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