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ADM D Kilkin

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Special Agent

Special Agent


I have read about some of the fuming frustrations from members being gate kept, gas lit or other, not know where to go to argue the very valid points they have. Many of the same problems I have had too with ONI where we joined, created this site and was not given equal footing to perform the duties of an officer.

I have been thinking about what better ways all members can argue, dispute current events and actions and anything clan related including the iFatalSlayer raiding the server with his insurgent group. So long as you have a solid point, a hill to stand on and die this is a place to contest that idea. While many of the people we want to be here like iFatalSlayer will not make there stand on why they allow rape jokes in their ONI, or insult our members than turn around to play the victim I believe ONI is the perfect place for an audience to any idea or problem.

Seeing most of the Halo clan centered Discord servers include an area of disputes (all that mostly devolved into memes and raid/war offenses.) I thought we could take a familiar channels name and build on what it originally meant to most people, constructively looking for the best clan and discussions thereafter.

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