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We buried the Soviets alive

ADM D Kilkin

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Special Agent

Special Agent


“We had captured three Soviet soldiers in Kabul during the night and taken them to a hideout in the Morghgiran Mountain village. The next day, we offered them the chance to convert to our religion and to choose a righteous path.

The Soviets became very angry and began cursing us and insulting us. They stated ‘That there is no way back from the path chosen. Afghanistan will be communist. We will not accept you or your religion.’ They refused to cooperate.

We could not get them out of the area without cooperation on their part and we could not shoot them because the shots would draw attention from nearby security outposts.

So, we buried them all alive. We kept their uniforms and papers which we would eventually use for sabotage missions.

The next day, the Soviets surrounded the area looking for their missing men. They had a clash with some of our neighboring Mujahideen fighters. After the battle the Soviets found where we had buried the three men. They were all dead and their bodies had turned black.”
- Mohammad Humayun Shahin. Mujahideen. Soviet Afghan War. September 24th, 1983.
Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

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