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Getting ready for Infinite

B1ue Team Sucks

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Special Agent

Special Agent


Building some core teamwork and routines will probably help, the first month might be rough considering the game comes flying out the box with opportunities.

I had the MOS shit done for a better part of the last year but Dale made me redo it to future proof it, most of the meta game is going to be through matchmaking and requirements like 60,000 score in weapon drills so I would do best to prepare for that.

The restructure into Squads I saw a visualization of it on the Spirit of Fire roster and got a little more information out of Shawn but its best coming from him and in an official announcement.

From what I was told helping with the MOS/Naval rating all reporting and tasking is going to be done at the squad level instead of the ships how it is now. Navy/Marine branches are going to be combined and intermixed, Navy and "social" experience or focus is now an umbrella supposedly because none of us are social enough. Ships aren't important and is only a name used to honor the legacy. I think the other thing was just focusing on the marine components of organization since its the easiest.

@Shawn4Japandid I get this right? Where does Osman fall in this for Infinite haven't heard from her in a while.

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