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      Teens are always saying, "I can't wait to grow up." however this is only until it's too late. Teens seem to realize that Adulthood isn't all fun and games once it hits them in the face. Which makes graduating from High School and starting your life is no easy task. No matter what path you go down. Whether your living status classification is rich, middle class, and or poor; Whether your path is college, military, employment, and or self-employment; Whether you know yourself or not. There will always be a struggle in transiting into adulthood. In one way or another, so if you are not grown up yet my words are do not rush, enjoy your childhood as long as you can. For once it is gone it is over and it will not be coming back. On another note what are some of your stories of transiting through life or even a point in your life that caused change that you were not ready for?

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On 12/17/2019 at 10:20 AM, Ultimatewolf805 said:

Yeah, A death of a love one (which includes pets) will do that to you making you dark and cold. This feeling tends to make you grow up faster. 

Yeah so does depression. Teens nowadays piss me off because they claim they are depressed or have anxiety, ocd, etc. without a proper diagnosis. Basically they just use their “depression” as a crutch. 

but given respect to those who actually have depression, shits hard.

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