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Posting this here for easier access.

The Winter Update brings a free 30-tier Battle Pass, and with the introduction of the Match XP Beta, Challenges and Ultimate Rewards will also receive a significant rework to improve your progression and customization journey—for this Battle Pass, for players who haven’t yet completed Season 1 and 2, and for all future Battle Passes as well.

With Match XP, players will be rewarded for playing whatever mode they want, and your performance in those matches will tie into those rewards. As such, when the Winter Update launches, the majority of XP that you will earn will come from Match XP.

Match XP consists of:
XP for completing matches
Additional XP for your performance in the match (this accounts for things like being on the winning team, your end-of-match placement, and more)

Up to this point, completing Challenges has been the main progression driver through the Battle Pass—Challenges grant XP which levels you up each reward tier. With the Winter Update, we are looking to evolve this system as we pursue the goal of helping players progress their Battle Pass at a faster rate in response to community feedback. This means that the system will transition to be Match XP-focused with Challenges providing a bonus boost.

We still believe that Challenges can help spark players’ interest in the game and provides some good direction for short-term goals, which has previously been part of the multiplayer experience in Halo: Reach and Halo 4, but the purpose of Challenges will be “redirected.” Completion of Challenges will still provide some XP, but they will now primarily serve as the path towards earning customization items each week through the Ultimate Reward.

This system is getting an overhaul of its own based on player feedback, which can be summarized in three main points:
We are reducing the number of Challenges required to hit the Ultimate Challenge from 20 to 10.
All Challenges in regular weekly decks can be completed in any playlist.
Challenges are more “general” overall.


The Winter Update will mark the beginning of shifting all challenges to be playlist agnostic. For the time being, Event Challenges will remain in their current form, tied to their respective Event Playlists, but players can expect to see this change in the future as well.

These overhauls to progression also mean that a Fireteam of friends can stick together and move through their Weekly Challenges and Battle Passes without needing to worry about each player’s individual challenges.





Ad Lux Vera

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