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Venture Jones

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So some of you may have heard about this ZLeague app/site/thing that allows people to play regular games of Halo (or others) and the stats from those games are used for their Tournaments. And I would like to give a helping hand to those who are already in it and those new to follow each other on there so we can join up for some Duo or larger matches.

The overall process of going into one of their tournaments is fairly easy. Once your account is set up and linked to your Waypoint and other online accounts for Halo, all that is needed is to select the tournament you want to play, join in, then play the playlist for that tournament.


For example...

Say you want to join a tournament for Tactical Slayer (SWAT).

  1. You click the join/register for a slot (usually a 4 hour window of slot times).
  2. Wait for the time frame (1 hour time frame usually) for when your tournament begins.
  3. Then just start searching in the Tactical Slayer playlist.
  4. Once the time is up, it takes a few more hours after that for it to gather all the data to then give your placement and awards, if any.

Its that easy. It only takes in your data, so yes Wins do get you an extra 5 points, you dont need to win. YOU just need to do well YOURSELF, no matter what the rest of the team does. (Applying to Solo at least, Duo and more, team points are combined).


So here is my profile on there, feel free to find me on Xbox too, same name as on here. Hope to see you on some time!


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