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For honor

ODST T Raven

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For honor is a game that  Bases itself on the medieval times and the earliest 790s with the  Viking era begin 

For honor is a  Skill base game in with player's must learn how to use  Combos and faints 

In for Honor u find more noobs then good player who use the same combos just to win but must of the time the noob gets killed more and  Trashed talks

For honor have four  Factions The Vikings ,The Knights , The Samurai and The Wu Lin  You can pick one of these factions to play as the main 3 factions that can be part of our the samurai Knight and  Vikings 

On this game players learn to use everything to there  Avantage   Life forming an enemy off of an edge for throwing an enemy into a wall to finish them off  That is using the environment to your advantage

 The code of no honor and Honor

In for honor - player's learn about the no honor  Rule  , no Honor is where players attack u before u   Finish doing your emotes and or  Gank with the whole team most  And Spam in the chat saying wow

Honor-  Things players fight each other 1 on 1 do emotes to show they ready to fight . Most of the time u get gank and have to fight to win against two player's if u win u get a medal call honor  u get it for beating a player or player's 

For honor makes a lot of player's mad but it's a fun gamentl play and learn 

So now let's see if u can fight with the best 

this good show honor and no honor in them

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