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Halo show season 2 news


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Special Agent

Special Agent


Warning: Article does contain spoilers from season 1. 

Yes, Yes, I hear you the Halo show wasn't great and we are starting season 2 with Cortona in chiefs dead body but.....its at least a little cool to see were they will take this. Below are leaks about the second season.

Are they still filming?:

No filming actually wrapped up in May 2023.

Release Date?:

There is nothing confirmed but from a few sources a March 2024 release seems likely.

New Cast members:

Joseph Morgan as James Ackerson, an intelligence operative who has been climbing in the ranks of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Cristina Rodlo as Talia Perez, a corporal who specializes in linguistics. Perez is still green and hasn’t seen real combat. She’s a part of a communications unit in the UNSC Marine Corp. 


(Provided by news webstie fansided)

"An official synopsis hasn’t been released for Halo‘s second season, but we do know that the path to getting Master Chief back is bound to be rocky. He died in the season 1 finale, it was the only way to allow Cortana to take over his body and save his team as well as the two artifacts. She succeeded, but she’ll have to figure out how to drag John back to the realm of the living and put him back in the body that they share. There’s also the UNSC to contend with considering all that Dr. Catherine Halsey did to establish the Spartan program with the assistance of Captain Jacob Keyes and Admiral Margaret Parangosky. All of the Spartans are now aware of the horrific circumstances of their existence but Riz and Vannak have yet to remove the pellets that suppress their emotions. And, there’s no telling how the Spartans might change with their full faculties about them. Under Dr. Miranda Keyes direction, however, they may flourish. Her moral compass hasn’t been fractured by the war effort. While not necessarily an idealist, she is someone who cares for the people around her and is determined to better improve the UNSC’s chances of defeating the Covenant whilst also not sacrificing her humanity. But, given all her mother has done to ensure she remains five steps ahead of everyone, we doubt we’ve seen the last of Dr. Halsey. She’s convinced herself that it’s her research and line crossing methods that will push the human species into greater evolution which, in her mind, is a separation of attachment and sentimentality in order to embrace the necessary rationales to continue to thrive as a race. Halsey is no longer a part of the UNSC but that doesn’t mean her work is done."


This is all we know so far but let me know, do you plan on watching the second season or is it a hard pass?


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Special Agent

Special Agent


I used the Paramount+ free month trial to watch it, I cancelled almost immediately and don't intend on watching it. It just doesn't do anything for me, its not good or interesting to me. It reminds me of a show the Syfy channel would throw out.

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