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Committing Crime is bad......but it helps you in Starfield?


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Special Agent

Special Agent


I never thought one of the best quests in starfield would be activated by committing a crime but here we are. One of Starfields best quests is can only be activated when you commit a crime in New Atlantis and get caught or talk to a UC official after having a bounty on your head. Though if you don't feel like committing crimes well half way through the story you will have to steal an artifact from a ship called the Scow and the guy will put a bounty on your head so if you talk to or run into a UC guard or official you will get caught. But what happens when you get caught is where the fun begins. When they capture you, you are ordered to talk to a UC commander. The commander tells you that he will let you go if you go into a crimson fleet ship as an undercover agent. Then you have to collect intel on them so they can legally arrest them. So after some persuasion (and a little but of aurora)  the Crimson fleet lets you in and you do some undercover work. But there is a twist. You can join the Crimson Fleet for real after they find out you are an agent for the UC. So you do you but if you are trying to romance any character I'm pretty sure your lover won't be impressed if you betray the UC. Overall a fun quest line but if you don't feel like committing a crime then you don't have to do it. Also when you steal an artifact later in the campaign you can go in stealthy so they don't catch you (I kind of wish I knew that though) and then you will never have to do this quest. 

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