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META-PLAYS //Engineer Nerf


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Engineers currently are just far too effective of a unit. The y ability causing a 40% damage reduction is far too strong in my opinion and should be brought down to maybe around 20%. The central healing rate is possibly too strong but I think it would need to be seen how strong it remains after the y ability is brought more in line. They cost only 200 blue and 30 yellow which seems a tad cheap especially for a unit this effective but again this would need to be reconsidered if other nerfs are implemented. Engineers often combo and stack way too well with other passives and powers in the game, such as combat repair for one. To demonstrate how strong engineers are in the current meta. Here is just one clip of this exchange. https://www.twitch.tv/nakamura_rts/clip/OriginalUnsightlyArugulaPrimeMe?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time

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