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Xbox One Gaming Headsets: Wireless, rechargeable, and doesn’t break the bank


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Hello everyone, as the title suggests I am in need of acquiring a wireless headset. Currently I use the one included in the box, see the Xbox communicator picture, and it’s becoming apparent that my hearing is in need of an actual headset. My friend has the below headset and I wanted to get the communities feel of if this may be a good option to pursue (provided it’s at a lower price) or is there another option that you use or could provide what I am looking for.

I prefer audio options (as the one my friend has tells you audibly when your headset needs to be charged). I have vision issues so for me, that is starting to become a necessity. Thank you for reading through this and for your consideration.

- Shandy



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Resident Agent in Charge

Resident Agent in Charge


Im not going to lie. People spend alot on mics for xbox but i find that the regular standard ones you get with the xbox work best and last longest (taking into consideration of how theyre looked after). I think that i majority i have bought 2 mics after the orginal standard mics i had gotten from any xbox consoles i had bought. The one time i bought a turtle beach the audio was worse and broke way to quickly in my opinion. 

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