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Researching International Opportunities

Enda Goodwin

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Field Agent

Field Agent

When researching companies and contacts outside the U.S., you can also use many of the resources discussed under Research Companies and Research People

In addition, CRN has carefully recommended Internet resources that provide you with useful information or tools. Note that some Internet sites may include fee-based services. There is no obligation to utilize any site or purchase any services.

When considering studying, working or living in another country, be sure you have thoroughly researched the culture, government, social landscape, customs and economic climate.

  • CIA World Factbook: This excellent resource for country profiles is updated annually and includes geographic, governmental, economic, and populations statistics and information. Also look for lists of international organizations (see the Appendix) and downloadable maps.  
  • World News Network: Select by region or city to find news worldwide from radio, TV, newspapers and other news sources. Provides an excellent international view of events with articles from around the world.

Contacts and Groups

Networking is even more critical in finding a job outside one's own country. In many cultures, finding a job through people one knows is even more important than in the U.S. Use these resources to find out more about organizations and corporations working internationally.

Networking and Support Groups

Visit these websites to find expat support and information groups.  Contacts of this nature may be particularly helpful in locating open positions in your target nation.

  • American Citizens Abroad (ACA): A nonprofit nonpartisan association dedicated to serving and defending the interests of individual US citizens living worldwide. News and information concerning taxes, voting, citizenship, social security, etc. 
  • ExpatExchange.com: Founded in 1997, this site has become the largest online community for English-speaking expatriates. Includes networking tools and information from experts and individuals living outside of their home countries.
  • JustLanded.com: Resources for all expats living and working in a variety of countries (mostly covers Europe, Australia/NZ and a few countries in Latin America. Include information on health, financial, housing, visas, language services, and more. Many country sites available in multiple languages.
  • Military.com: For U.S. Military personnel, this site provides daily Military News, a Personnel Locator, information on Careers, VA Loans, Financial Tools, a Pay & Benefits Directory, and more.
  • Overseas Digest: A Website serving American expatriates, Overseas Digest helps those who want to live, work and teach abroad.
  • Tales from a Small Planet: An online magazine for U.S. diplomats and expatriates. Provides offbeat articles, fiction, satire, poetry, book reviews, resources, and 'Real Post Reports.

Calculators and Converters

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