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Field Agent

Field Agent

Pinterest offers a fun and easy way for people in creative fields – like marketers, photographers and designers – to showcase their talents and portfolio of work. Even if you’re not in a creative field, you can still use it to change careers, research a company or perhaps find freelance work. Pinterest lets you repost content and images you’ve seen on the Internet or on someone else’s board.

Follow these five steps:

  1. Sign Up. Go to Pinterest.
  2. Create an Account. Type in your email address and provide a password. You can opt to Continue with Facebook, to use your Facebook log in.
  3. Build a Custom Home Feed. Select five topics from the listing provided.
  4. Get the Pinterest browser button to save creative ideas.(Optional)
  5. Click any Pin to have a closer look at your interest.

Ways to use Pinterest for job searching

  • Research a new career. Just type the possible terms for the new career you are considering in the search box. You’ll be surprised by the data, infographics, and other links you will find.
  • Research potential companies. You might be surprised to find potential employers have boards that provide insight into a company’s culture, as well as information and pictures about upcoming events such as job fairs or even job postings. By following potential employers, you may attract their attention. To find them on Pinterest, simply type the company’s name in the search box.
  • Seek career experts’ advice. You will find many career coaching experts on Pinterest who freely share their expertise.
  • Create a visual résumé. Even though you are submitting a paper copy of your résumé, providing a visual version on Pinterest can provide an added dimension to your experience and talents, and help distinguish you from other applicants. Showcase your work with different pins to tell a compelling story visually. Link to work you’ve done for previous employers, volunteer work/events you’ve been involved in, and professional associations. You can provide a description for each pin that explains how it relates to your career objectives. Be sure to share this with your friends and followers so they can share them with their networks.
  • Secure freelance work. Remember, this is a way to showcase your portfolio, so be sure to share what you’ve done to highlight what you can do.

Caution: Pinterest can be highly addictive!

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