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Enda Goodwin

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Field Agent

Field Agent

Employment visas may be required by an employer if you are not a citizen of the Country you want to work in. You need to apply the same rigor to your research about work visas and immigration law in the Country you want to work in.

Check out MyVisaJobs.com for their Searchable Visa Sponsor Database.

H1B Visa Information

On an H1-B visa, U.S. employers can hire foreign professional employees who have at least a four-year college degree (or the equivalent), and will work in a position requiring a college degree. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) is authorized to issue 85,000 H1-B work visas each year, and each year U.S. employers use all available H1-Bs.

The USCIS has a H1-B Employer Data Hub.

An H1-B visa is valid initially for up to three years and can be extended an additional three years for a total of six years, regardless of the number of employers during that time. Extensions beyond six years are available in limited circumstances.

Wikipedia H-1B visa Page - this free Internet resource gives a great overview of the H-1B visa process and many useful links to information and resources.

U.S. Visa and Immigration Information
  • United States Visas Information - this site from the US Government gives details on the process for visa application for visitors, students or immigrants.
  • FindLaw.org - an overview of US immigration and visa law from this reputable legal information site.
General International Visa Information
  • CanadaWorkPermit.com - information for those wishing to obtain work permits for Canada. Register to participate in their free forums or apply for a free assessment of your eligibility to obtain a temporary work visa.
  • Working in the UK as an International Student- information for international students wanting to work while studying in the UK. Provided by The British Council.
  • Law and Governmental Resources Directory - from Hieros Gamos. Find governmental immigration and consulate websites for hundreds of countries. Also check out their Immigration Law page which has more detailed information on supra-national organizations like the EEU and also direct links for several countries.
  • International Labour Standards - provided by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this site contains two searchable databases, ILOLEX and NATLEX, with information on international labor standards and national labor laws. Available in English, Spanish, and French.
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