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To Do Checklist for Retraining | Education

Enda Goodwin

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Field Agent

Field Agent

At LHH, we know that to land a job faster, looking in a similar industry, field and function is easier. Your previous experience, reputation and network is what companies use to determine if you could be a good fit for them. Branding resources, such as your LinkedIn profile and your resume capture your previous experiences, and not so much your transferable skills. That is where your work needs to begin. Reskilling and Upskilling for changing careers is a big decision and one that requires more time.

  1. Conduct research on the Job market, functions, job & industry trends. Research: Industry & Market Research Resources OR Research Tools on CRN
  2. Upskill and reskill for your career change using LinkedIn Learning and General Assembly. Attend Career advice webinars and Events hosted by LHH’s Career Experts.
  3. Use your Network to share information about your new skills, the education you are pursuing. Preface your discussion with: “I have always wanted to get more familiar with…and I am now taking the time to do that for my professional growth.” Listen. Engaging Your Network
  4. Identify roles you would like to do in this next chapter of your career. Look at the skills required to perform these roles. Highlight your transferable skills. Transferable Skills OR Research: Sector or Jobs Research Resources
  5. In classes, make sure to connect with educators or people in the field to learn more. Effective Networking
  6. Write a resume optimized to highlight your transferable skills and to showcase your abilities and strengths in a convincing way for the new role. Essential Resumes OR Customizing Your Resumes
  7. Get your resume and LinkedIn profile reviewed by our Branding Specialists. They will make your resume ATS friendly. Essential Resumes OR LinkedIn 2
  8. Post a Resume on LHH’s Digital talent exchange. LHH wants to connect you to roles that fit! Your data is private here. Upload Your Resume!
  9. Build a Marketing Plan. Have a list of 30-40 target employers. Validate that list in networking conversations. Ask for referrals. Marketing Plan and Productivity
  10. Research salary ranges and establish your salary range expected for your next role. Research: Salary Research Resources
  11. Follow your target companies on social media. Visit your target companies’ direct websites for open roles, apply directly, with an internal referral. Know the salary range (based on research). Social Networking
  12. Optimize your resume/LI profile with www.Jobscan.co to match the role you are applying for. The job search system is broken and great applicants are slipping through the cracks. Resume Essentials, LinkedIn Session 2
  13. Attend Networking meetings, using your Positioning/Branding statement (30 second elevator speech) and be clear and confident in the skills and expertise you bring to the table. Communication Strategies OR Engaging Your Network
  14. Work with recruiters when you have a clear brand and marketing plan. Work with Search Firms
  15. Activate Ella; job search through Ella and JobScout to ensure your privacy. Understand how your data is monetized. If you’re not paying for an app or service, a company is likely monetizing your usage in some other way (job boards in particular) — likely through the data it’s collecting about you. You are a target now! (Consider adding Ella Onboarding Notes initiative)
  16. Practice your Interviewing skills. Interview Center OR Interview Essentials
  17. Negotiate an offer. Cultivate or Negotiate Offers
  18. Be successful as a new candidate in a new role. Assimilating OR First 100 Days
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