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    The Special Warfare Center, also known as Special Warfare Center Seongnam (or SWC) is a testing ground and training facility for the United Nations Space Command.

    The facility is maintained by both TRADOC and OTEC staffed by 340th ODST Combat Training Unit (340th ODST CTU), also known as the "Adversaries" a UNSC Marine Shock Trooper unit that provides realistic combat training exercises for other UNSC Special Forces units. The unit also instructs other Special Forces units in the use of Covenant combat tactics.


    The rapid reaction force role that ODSTs are known for came from the interconnected years of the community on Xbox 360's Halo: Reach. Games left on open by friends could be raided, friends of friends turned to enemies leading to action. In its legacy ODST Training is held all on Halo: Reach of the Master Chief Collection.


    ODST Headhunters are not uncommon, Operations in twos are split within the Headhunters ranks in a number of different objectives. Whether it is in competitive doubles, jump partners or Wet-work operations the Headhunters serve the Watershed Division, Delta-6 Division and ONI overall. ODSTs are assassins, sent during raids to specifically assassinate key targets for political reaction. To join the Headhunters Program as an ODST, the following prerequisites need to be met.

    • Raid Objective: JULIET
    • Combat Record of 10 Matches
      (BTB, Raids, Tactical, etc.)


    Training consists of a 30 point system applying to each individual applicant after the ODST volunteer form is accepted. As a Private the typical responsibilities are to be attentive and highly motivated. As a Private in the Special Forces branch boot camp and training school are mandatory. In this training school of 3 weeks (in real-time) it is expected to learn the basic and advanced methods to the shock infantry service.

    Each week 10 points is necessary from the date you join to retain your newfound ODST status. This is how you earn your flames. There are no exceptions.

    Instructors create objectives weekly to gain points however by default the following will award points. It is the responsibility of instructors to track points and the responsibility of those earning them to validate points in review.

    1 Level 5, Junior Operative forum rank or higher 3 Combat Goal
    1 Previous service in UNSC Marine Corps. 2 Combat (any) External
    1 Previous service in UNSC Army 2 Combat Exercise/Training
    1 Previous service in a SOC unit 3 Raid Goal
    1 Ranked 10 or higher in social games: Medium 2 Raid Winning
    1 Ranked 10 or higher in social games: Large 2 Raid Participation
    1 Ranked 10 or higher in ranked playlists 2 Raid Training
    1 Positive Kill to Death ratio of 1.0 or higher 2 Raid Scout
    1 Previous experience in Raids 2 Custom Games Event Host
    1 Previous experience in Tactical 1 Custom Games Event Participation
    2 Social Games: Large (8v8) Host
    2 Social Games: Medium (4v4) Host
    1 Social Games: Large (8v8) Participation
    1 Social Games: Medium (4v4) Participation
    1 Sponsor New Blood; Recruit 1 Person
    1 Operational Report
    1 After Action Report
    1 Field Report
    1 No Conduct Violations (end of each week)
    1 No Uniform Violations (end of each week)
    5 Name change to ODST format
    3 SWC SERE Course Completion/Certified
    3 SWC TACCOM Course Completion
    3 ODST Physical Training, Obstacle Course
    3 ODST Shooting Training, Accuracy Course
    1 Special Purpose Force selection
    1 Win 1v1s against Spartans
    1 Win 2v2s against Spartans
    1 Service Recognition
    1 Fully Enlisted Website/PERSCOM/Discord




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