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    Training & Doctrine is a role playing narrative event shared by ONI for members and guests.

    The event is organized in-game on Halo Infinite and follows after an application for enlistment designed to create the experience of signing up to the UNSCDF in the year 2553 after the Human-Covenant War. The in-game event consist of an overview of how to play the game and various levels of movement (jump, crouch and slide) courses as well as a shooting range, driving range and other support exercises where participants are scored.

    Training is always taught with the intention to be useful, expanding on community game modes like Raids while offering core mode interests in roles of a team, 2v1 spawn cycles combat scenarios and practicing shot tracking, melee trading and reticle placement. Maps for training are made using Forge however also include the core maps offered in the matchmaking experience. 

    Training & Doctrine are split into two formal categories and take inspiration from The United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) with likeness to the fictional Halo universe. 






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