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  1. They did say that they want it on both Xbox and Playstation but early access is only applied to PC players. The game will cost $35ish and looks great so far.
  2. Absolutely, I think the Halo TV show should be given to others who do not know about the games or novels so they don't have to criticize the show for how the directors and producers wanted it to be.
  3. Felt like we needed to talk or have this on the forum and thank you for posting the video too.
  4. I can agree but also attest. Sure the community and it's devs have been awful recently. However, we've actually gotten good games and some hope for new commodities. Xbox has gone down a rabbit hole and needs to get its head out of-you know what. All things said, I hope it doesn't die so we don't have to move to PC or PS.
  5. Love it, would like to know how to get the gold stripe for the odst but it's awesome and I now know what the HERO RANK rewards you with and it's nice tbh but idk what else you should get instead of it so it's great.
  6. It's nice but very expensive. The prices should be lowered, it's nice, regardless. Hoping more armor pieces come in so I can make my characters more stylish.
  7. Just played the map; it's still the same and I'm still upset about it, lol.
  8. I really want to try this map but really don't want to play on it. Halo 5 still has a hold on me...
  9. I never saw that, lol, my computer is always on low brightness
  10. How would I change from a Basic Member to something else?
  11. How do you make coloured text? Hope ElDewrito becomes a much larger asset...
  12. I love how they added the Spartan points into Halo Infinite. It reminds me of how they did the Halo 5 Requisition points and so on. However, them putting 30,000 SP for an armor coating has to be a mistake on their part because almost nobody is going to work for that coating nor is it going to be possible (lest what was said earlier). Future implications and updates for this exchange would be awesome. Nonetheless, it first coming here, I'm not surprised that things are a bit overpriced and lengthy to complete. Congrats on 343 listening to their community!
  13. So I wont be able to sue them? How rude XD. If I were to opt out, would I no longer have access to Discord or some of its properties? If I can't take it up to court than yeah I'll opt out but c'mon Discord.
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