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  • Since November 2022 our site and story embarked on a mission to bring Spartan Companies back in a meaningful way for Halo Infinite, Halo: The Master Chief Collection & Halo 5: Guardians. Where we redesigned the site without support and to positive feedback our team has fallen short to deliver the rest of this experience to you. With setback after setback it was decided we publish this page and turn to the public to help fund the action items left to create a new and better Spartan Company story. 

    What is a Unit?
    As Halowaypoint turned a new leaf and sunset the service, we look to fill the vacancy left in the community of a strong supportive clan system and bring it back in our own vision. Units is what we are officially calling our iteration and with Halo Dot API we look to add MMR, CSR and a progression system as a group to strive for defined as Veterancy. Even after its development we want to add a battle network and bring back competitive Big Team Battle back. 

    For non-competitive clans, guilds and friend groups we're looking to offer custom challenges based off Halo data endpoints and reward players for stats outside of leaderboards like Audio Logs Found, Missions Completed, Skulls found throughout the Halo games and more adding to the veterancy level of units.

    With the potential and access of Halo Dot API we can develop a story around your Spartan and a progression system under the framed narrative of ONI here alongside playing the games. We offer a positive feedback loop to encourage playing together but also inspire others to follow the Halo Spartan Code for a better multiplayer experience all around. 

    Each donation box to the left goes towards its specific goal, we decided that breaking this down into different donation goals we can deliver more timely updates and complete them as small tasks before eachother to prove the value added. You never have to support financially, of course we weclome you to join our community in conversation or try out our units early and create a unit. Your presence alone is support to our cause and our staff could not thank you enough

    Explore the current units and find the button to create a unit on this page [ https://www.lysithea.ai/units/ ] 

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