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    icons8-high-priority-96.png  Our store no longer offers physical goods

  • Thank You for Your Support

    Where a Patreon is relatively simple and competitive we opted to keep our plans onsite for an immediate return-in-value to members. 

    Your support here directly goes to the upkeep of the site and ongoing projects to complete the experience including the return of discontinued features like Career milestones, Halo gamerscore and Halo 5: Guardian's Spartan Companies.

    Our subscription plans and services are themed after Intelligence agency positions, the titles are just titles to suit our theme.

    Subscribing is not mandatory, but greatly appreciated. We are empowered by this support and inspired to do more. 


  • Have an Idea for our Store? 

    Share it in our Store forums, where we discuss sourcing and supply chains as well as financial reports of our site, applications and products.



Interns. Integral to vision of ONI, bringing new eyes and ideas to overcome challenges. For those who wish to play their part and contribute to the future.  

  • Monthly Game Night Priority
  • Title of ONI Intern

Analysts. Analyze intelligence collected around the world, identify threats and opportunities and make decisions for all of us to comeback safely home. 

  • Exclusive Voice Chat Access
  • Site & Discord Analytics Access
  • Title of ONI Analyst

Operatives. Field action and results, bringing data and respect to our intelligence. At the forefront to every mission they change the course of every theater. 

  • Exclusive Vinyl Sticker
  • Weekly Bonus 25,000 Points
  • Title of ONI Operative

Case Officers. Build networks and cells, leading teams in perfect execution and adaption to all combat scenarios. 

  • 10% off All Physical Products
  • Weekly Bonus 50,000 Points
  • Title of ONI Case Officer

Chief of Base or Base Chief. Build the safe houses, bivouacs and stations for logistical support and action.  

  • 20% off All Physical Products
  • ONI themed Coffee Mug 
  • 3D Printed Halo Collectible
  • Title of ONI Base Chief

Chief of Station or Station Chief. The leaders to each team, post or function setting the camera in the theater of war. 

  • 30% off All Physical Products
  • A ONI themed Name Plaque
  • A Dossier & File of your Halo stats
  • Title of ONI Station Chief

Deputy Director. Executive action responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, and relevance of intelligence analysis. The core to information delivery. 

  • Exclusive Deputy Director Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Hand-Painted Halo AI Data Chip 
  • Weekly Bonus 75,000 Points
  • Title of ONI Deputy Director

Director. Strategic direction and senior official ensuring efficient management of the intelligence process to inform decision-making and mitigate threat, risk and harm.

  • Exclusive Director Long Sleeve Shirt
  • M6D Magnum Replica Prop
  • Director exclusive Coffee Mug
  • Weekly Bonus 100,000 Points
  • Title of ONI Director
  • We are proud to share a way to support our website and bring more functionality to you through monthly support plans. Our physical product category will return early Summer with all of our best selling items. 

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