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UNSC Say My Name

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UNSC Say My Name is a Marathon-class heavy cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy. During the Battle of Earth it served in the UNSC Home Fleet under the command of an unidentified admiral. The Say My Name is one of two ships known to have fought in both the Harvest campaign and be still in service by the time of the Battle of Earth. Veronica Dare served upon the warship as a ONI intelligence officer before the Battle of Earth. During the opening engagement of the Battle of Earth, the Say My Name was one of the eight cruisers within Earth's defense fleet. During the initial attack, the Solemn Penance broke through Earth's defenses, and came to stop above the city ofNew Mombasa. Fleet HQ issued an unexpected order to the commanding officer of the Say My Name; The ship was to launch an ODST force from the 105th Shock Troops Division (including Edward Buck's Alpha-Nine squad) onto Regret's flagship, breaching its hull and bring down the the carrier by gaining access to the interior.
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