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After Action Report: Raid against Enigma《Attacking》

``10v10 Raid against Enigma 《Attacking》``
Upon the commencement of the game, it was immediately observed that our team was lacking the designated power weapons we had agreed upon. Despite this initial setback, we proceeded with adaptability and devised strategic plans for maneuvering around the map using cover while assigning specific individuals to engage from the flanks with the stalker rifle.

The initial pushes towards the base were met with limited success, resulting in casualties among our ranks. Even if we managed to neutralize enemy forces within the base, we struggled to make substantial progress beyond the entrance, as the enemy quickly regained control of their defenses.

Over time, we gained a heightened understanding of the layout and structure of the enemy base, enabling us to effectively eliminate enemy snipers multiple times. This provided us with the opportunity to flank the base from the sides and actively engage the enemy.

However, our progress inside the base was hindered by poor spacing within our team, leaving us susceptible to rocket attacks. To rectify this issue, it is crucial for us to maintain proper spacing and distance during engagements, as well as spread out within rooms to mitigate the risk of grenade-related casualties.

Despite the challenges, certain individuals within our team employed the central jump-ups skillfully, successfully surprising and eliminating enemy forces from behind.

Makybox succeeded in flanking the enemy on the right side. killing three of the defenders.

Venom did well in contesting the base from inside.

Rejectivity killed the snipers multiple times.

Around the fifty-minute mark, a turning point was reached. Our stalker rifle eliminated an enemy sniper, causing them to fall from their position. Parzivell retrieved the sniper rifle and handed it over to Kai, who skillfully neutralized three more enemies within the base. This particular push resulted in approximately six members gaining entry into the base. Unfortunately, our progress was halted as five of the team were wiped out by a devastating rocket barrage.

When the game concluded, the base remained fiercely contested, reflecting the determination and perseverance exhibited by both teams throughout the encounter.

In conclusion, while we faced initial challenges, we demonstrated adaptability and an evolving understanding of the enemy base. However, issues with suppressing fire, situational awareness, window jumps, and spacing hindered our progress. To improve future operations, it is vital to address these areas through more effective training and enhanced coordination.

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