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Confirmed Rumors via #Ask343


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


CONFIRMED: you can grapple hook a banshee and skyjack it

CONFIRMED: you can use the grapple shot to pick up weapons on the ground!

CONFIRMED: PvE and PvP will be balanced SEPARATELY

CONFIRMED: Warthogs can be damaged in other ways than just general damage. In the gameplay reveal, we see a Warthog lose its front left wheel, for instance. There will be more like that they plan to show later.

CONFIRMED: new and classic weapons will be added over time to the game, as well as various updates to existing weapons.

CONFIRMED: spike grenades have blades, so when you stick something with it, it does INSTANT damage even before exploding. Grunts even die in one hit just from the stick itself before the explosion even happens.

CONFIRMED: They fully believe there is room for the classic shotgun in the sandbox in addition to the Bulldog. There is a “new, never before seen” weapon filling the role of the classic shotgun at the moment, and there are of course many weapons they’ve yet to show.

CONFIRMED: “If we want to bring a legacy weapon back, we want it to play like how it did in the classic games.” Example being that when (they said when) they being the magnum back in addition to the sidearm they have now, it feels like a classic magnum, rather than being like how the magnums in CE, 2, and 3 all play very, very differently. “When, and if, and how we bring it back, we wanna do it right so that fans recognize it as being the magnum.”

CONFIRMED: the sidekick pistol is “similar to the Gunfighter magnum in Halo 5.”

CONFIRMED: multiple types of damage types within damage types. The Ravager, for instance, is a “red plasma” brute weapon which burns hotter and overheats faster. There will be other types of plasma and damage types in the game, as well, that they’ll elaborate on at another time.

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