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Resident Agent in Charge

Resident Agent in Charge


Today Blue and I were browsing our profiles and i saw points redeemed. I checked it out and i redeemed 79 points where it then gave me a total of 3.79. This translated into money on the site where i gained 0.39 dollars so i wondered how much we could make. So i asked my residential spammer to take a look as well and he could redeem 2000 points which equalled to 10.00 dollars. So if we continue to redeem 2000 points every time and eventually be able to transfer credit to our banks. We could make some hella bank of the site. 


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Theirs 3 point systems 

Gained through creating content on the site or posts. 

Gained also through creating content on the site, but also in accomplishments. Promotions give merit, Good answers give merit.

Gained through having your post liked. 

Attendance (Yes a fourth one that may be in the works)

This unfortunately isn't a hobby to make money in, the monetary values seen are far from anything real but was real at one point in time. This isn't a error though, you might be right on the points thing. This was maybe all done up 2 years ago. 

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