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Electric Lawnmowers are Junk


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So a brief history...

I purchased a home across from a historic coal mine and testing center (a Consol site) in western Pennsylvania (off topic, make sure to do as much background investigating before purchasing a home). At the time we put in our offer across the street was a wooded area (much to my aggravation, it is now a housing development, but that is a different story). For those who don't know, coal is acidic, on the surface it can impact vegetative growth, historically Pennsylvania coal operators weren't very concerned with the environment and stuff would just fall on the ground or just be simply discarded...The reason I bring this up is because, my soil is generally not the best (I'm improving it, but...it takes time). Also, and again a great reason to try and find as much history on the property you are looking to buy before you put in an offer, my house apparently burnt down on several occasions (according to the neighbors, 4 times, in case the word "several" wasn't worrying enough). Now, you might be wondering, beyond the obvious, what is the problem with the house burning down and the reason you have some sort of hatred for electric lawn mowers?

It appears that instead of the property owner hauling the burnt material off site and disposing of it, they tried to bury much of it. I have pulled 100+ pound boulders, pieces of side walks, bricks (tons of red bricks, like enough to build a good size wall probably), spoons, knives, toys, all sorts of "fun" things out of my yard (and I've only lived here since like 2018). For those who don't know (but who are obviously super excited to know), electric lawnmowers don't work great over uneven surfaces, they also don't have a whole lot of torque. So if you have grass thats a little higher than is typical (if you are mowing every week or every other week), the thing is going to have to work harder to cut the grass.

I had a Greenworks lawnmower, thing cost me like 300-400$, but I had a gas mower and I wanted to "do my part" for the environment and maybe save myself some money on gas and other expenses associated with a gas mower. Things were bad almost from the outset. Like I said, if you leave the grass grow more than a couple weeks (at least where I live), this thing is going to have work super hard to cut it, and frankly it doesn't do a great job of that. I don't know if its because of some safety mechanism in the mower, but if it gets to high the thing would just kick off and quit. Needless to say, this year I ended up throwing the lawnmower across my yard and breaking the battery housing (much to my wifes "annoyance"). I went back to my cheap'o gas powered mower (no push assist, etc)...The thing is loud, it shakes, and I have to buy gas (maybe two times a year), but the thing cuts the grass...which is more than I can say for that electric POS I had before...

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