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Played Against My First Cheater


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Maybe I'm niave or maybe the other ones are just "better" at hiding it. But a few weeks ago I was playing some Reach SWAT and got put into a game with this kid named BanMeFromMCC...I didn't think much of it at the time we were loading in, thought it was stupid that someone who didn't want to play would play and then asked to be banned...I soon found out the kid was straight up cheating, I mean this kid either was flying around or had gravity turned off completely and like an instant kill or something. It was impressive seeing some complete piece of shit cheat in this manner...

This is one of my primary concerns with cross play or allowing folks with PC to play in XBOX lobbies is access and implementation of cheats is going to only increase. And like I said, I've never seen it in Halo, at least nothing blatant like this...

Does anyone know of how you are supposed to report these to 343? I ended up submitting something via Xbox and I posted it to one of the Facebook groups I follow (either 343 or Halo), never heard anything...God I hope it worked, nothing worse than playing with a damn cheater...

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