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Hell of a place to be

ADM S Osman

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Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Assistant Special Agent in Charge


The light blue light reflected off of her face as she stared down at the screen in front of her, charts of the system spinning around, telemetries and other data flashing by as she soaked it all in. She was trying to learn as much as she could about the system, taking in everything that she could find on it, from battlegroup sensor readings to probe data. She’d not been to this system before and was totally unfamiliar with it.

Her analytical mind wanted to know every little detail that she possibly could about the system, every detail, right down to what kind of rock littered the surface. Her tactical and trained mind looked for other things, things that weren’t even present in the readouts in front of her. No information was still information. There was always something out there, you just had to know where to look, and listen.

Raising a hand up, she rubbed at her tired eyes, fatigued by hours of looking at the screen. Pushing back from the terminal, she stood up, twisting slightly from side to side in a failure of a stretched. Turning around, she looked around the darkened bridge, bathed in the glow of the instruments around here. Looking out of the main viewport, she gazed at the planet floating in space in front of her, half of it glowing brightly in the sun. The two smaller moons orbiting in their own lazy circles. Crossing her arms over her chest, she leaned back, resting her rear against the chair, just staring as she lost herself in thought.

"Hell of a place to be." She mumbled quietly to no one in particular, unsure if anyone could hear her anyway.

The Prowler was running dark, hidden among the stars and the battlegroup that occupied the system, a ghost just listening to the space around it, a silent observer. She liked being hidden, liked the feeling of no one knowing she was there. She felt like some kind of spirit herself, able to slip in and out of places without anyone ever knowing she was there.

Even the blackness of space had eyes these days.

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