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Version 4.6.3 of Invision Community/Security Update


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


IPS Community Suite 4.6.3

Released 06/30/2021

Key Changes


This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.


Additional Information


  • Added deleted member ID to administrator logs.
  • Fixed a PHP8 error when attempting to use various features that produces or reads XML, such as downloading member information.
  • Fixed a PHP8 issue where an error may occur if you have a Date based profile field where a member doesn't have it filled in.
  • Fixed a PHP8 error that can occur during install.
  • Fixed an issue where member-type profile fields would be missing their label while editing profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to delete a club node.
  • Fixed an issue where Searchable Content with ReadMarkers and no container would break the search.
  • Fixed an issue involving a missing language string in the AdminCP under the rank settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the ACP search revealed a missing string for a deprecated setting.
  • Fixed an issue where known issues may be shown in the support section that do not apply.
  • Fixed an issue where Manage Followed Content showed incorrect content count for Forums.
  • Fixed a PHP8 related issue, where some pages which show tags could return an error.
  • Fixed an issue where it isn't possible to upgrade if you are not using utf8mb4.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile app notifications would still try to be sent when the app integration is not configured.
  • Fixed an error sending bulk mails when filtering by member type.
  • Fixed issues that prevented "Add to homescreen" banner from showing on communities installed in a subdirectory.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to reward a user for their content would appear even if the achievements system were disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where IP Address Tools would show Posts before registration is complete.
  • Fixed issues that prevented "Add to homescreen" banner from showing on communities installed in a subdirectory.
  • Fixed an issue where email notifications may reveal the true author of an anonymous post or topic
  • Fixed an issue where points are still awarded for a rule even if a member had previously reached the set milestone.
  • Fixed an issue where WebP images may not retain their .webp extension after upload.


  • Fixed an issue involving a typo in one of the album/category setting descriptions.


  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to add products to the registration form.
  • Fixed an issue where guests were unable to sign-in during the checkout process.


  • Fixed an issue where splitting a topic may cause a database error.


  • Added ability to POST files for Upload fields in the cms api (api/cms/records/{database_id})


  • Fixed an issue where notifications for followed calendars could show the event on the wrong date.
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