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Thoughts after about 10 hours of games

Gabriella Dvørak

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1. Movement feels very good. I miss the Thrust Pack from Halo 5 but other than that I think the general speed of moving around the map and fighting is on point. After trying out the grappling hook some I am very glad its a map pickup for slayer as Halo infinite would be a completely different game if everyone had that thing and not in a good way.

2. General game direction: I like that the game feels very much like a cross between 3 and 5 which are the games I always felt had the best multiplayer content. 3’s BTB is still the best and I always felt that H5 had the best slayer (I loved breakout too please bring the 1.0 version back for infinite). I appreciate that the game is a little slower than 5 as far as getting around the map and I do not miss any of the Spartan abilities other than the thrust pack. I do miss the smart scope a little tiny bit as what we have now isn’t identical but it’s not a big deal. I think the game will definitely have a better BTB mode than Halo 5 did even after just playing this little tech test.

3.TTK: I think TTK is in a fairly good place but its hard to say because half the time when I die is from bots all head shoting me at the same time and my death feels pretty instant. It might end up being a little too low, but its not WAY too low which is good. The game is boring when people are too tanky but once it starts getting too twitchy because of ultra low TTK I think the game starts losing a lot of it’s character.

4. Aiming feels really weird: I can’t for the life of my figure out exactly why the aiming feels off but I am having difficulty tracking people that I just am not having going back over to MCC on M&K. Because my settings keep getting put back to defaults it’s very hard to diagnose whats going on here. I will try and do a deeper test directly comparing settings in both of them.

5 Graphical Errors: I am not going to complain about the performance at all as this is not even close to my first time playing pre-release software and I know what to expect but I do want to say that I have been getting a lot of weird graphical artifacts as sort of purple over-exposure like effect coming up in menus. Also on the first play test patch the dynamic scaling was going crazy and constantly reducing my resolution to absurdly low levels. I am using a 6800xt and a 5800x.

6. Settings keep resetting: This is a little bit self explanatory but all the settings keep going back to default values which is making giving feedback on some areas more difficult.

7. Bots on Live fire seem to all rush down one side at the beginning and it’s very easy to abuse them with grenades and get full team wipe.

8. Map Feedback: Of the three maps so far my favorite is Recharge. I think it has the most dynamic engagements and the complicated, but not confusing, layout creates more interesting points of conflict. Live Fire is very esporty and somewhat bland to me, I feel like I am just running around in very obvious circles looking for people. This may just be a symptom of the bot matches being very stompy but still. Not sure how I feel about Bazaar yet.

9. Hit registration on the Bulldog Shotty: It Seems off I get a lot of red reticle shots where the buck clearly goes into the enemy that don’t connect. I could very well just suck with it but I havent been having this behavior with any other gun, everthing else its a clear miss with.

10. Bots: I am pretty impressed with the bots so far but they do have some weird behaviour where they will just stop and do nothing occasionally, or will throw a grenade at a 270 degree angle behind them without changing where they are facing. Sometimes the aim on them feels very real player like but other times its that bot auto aim where they potato one mag and then three of them all snap onto you at once and dump their whole wingman mag into your head instantly killing you. I am interested to see the Spartan level AI when that's available. One way or another I think you guys did a really good job with them even if they are a little quirky.

11: In Match Music and AI. I Like the in match music at the start but I don’t think I am crazy about it at the midpoint or near end. Maybe it’s just the song? It feels a little solemn, I like it when I hear it in the main menu but I am not sure how much I like it in a match. Maybe the music could vary by map or something to make it feel less repetitive as well. Ai’s are fun and useful but I do hope there is a legitimate no-nonsense AI put in that only calls out relevant information in a direct manner with no real persona.

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