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Conversation around Aim Assist (MKB vs. Controller)


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Aim-assist is necessary for Controllers. This is not even subjective, the thumbsticks aren't designed for precision. The PC crowd should not let their MCC PTSD get in the way of empathy. The feature of mouse magnetism being added by 343 Industries in the Halo Infinite beta is now a hot topic of contention. Should aim assist be lessened for controller after Master Chief Collection's traumatic experience with PC users.

As I have answered in a previous thread to you before: the exception proves the rule. It's great you play like a champ without AA. Most others don't. I confidentiality make that claim after browsing the threads for the last couple of days. And not just that, there has been research conducted on the matter: Ian Stavness and Carl Gutwin, at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Saskatchewan, concluded this: “there’s no question,” the mouse is the faster and more accurate aiming device. “Research has shown this over and over, from the 1980s forward. This is not in contention. It is slower and less accurate to aim with a thumbstick. … The mouse has not been beaten. AA is needed. And what is your stake anyway? When you are good without AA on Controller, why do you want to take it away from those who want it? It's not like anyone forces you to use it.


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