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Halo Infinite Competitive Settings revealed


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


The Multiplayer Team’s approach to the Ranked competitive arena experience:

Fair Starts

  • Players start the match with fair and balanced gameplay mechanics.

The Lone Wolf Survives but the Pack Thrives

  • Players feel like they can have a high impact on the game individually through their skill expression within the combat sandbox and mode ruleset, but the team with the better coordination, communication, and reactive skills will seize the most victories.

Mastery = Mechanical Depth + Tactical Decision Making

  • Mechanical skill expression will get players far in the Arena ecosystem, but mastery comes from macro gameplay decision making within a map and mode’s framework. A match with two teams of equal skill should be determined by the teams’ tactical decision making as the mode’s state is continued by player action.

Concise and Clear Game Mode States

  • Arena game states are communicated efficiently and urgently. When a mode’s state is progressed then all players should be informed of the change and have a window of opportunity to react to it. This meant to bolster tactical decision making.

Power is Earned and Impermanent

  • Scavenging gameplay within a map/mode combo pushes teams to contest the acquisition of items within the Sandbox. Any item that can be earned can also be taken away through combat resolution, positioning, and tactical actions.

We wanted to take the baseline pillars from Arena and push them as far as we could for Halo Infinite’s competitive settings. In that way, competitive is an extension of our other initiatives on MP such as introducing systems that allow us to update the game with new items, modes, and maps in a way that that feels curated for the competitive audience. This was important to us because we want  Ranked Arena and our competitive settings to grow with the game over time,  allowing us to react to feedback we receive from the competitive community.



  • The BR75 will be the starting weapon.
  • Motion Tracker will be disabled.
  • Grenade Hitmarkers will be disabled.
  • Friendly Fire will be turned on.
  • Modes will be Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball.
  • Weapons, equipment, and grenades on maps will be set on static spawners meaning they will always appear in the same location on each map and mode combination, and will respawn at the same intervals.

Why these settings were the final settings prelaunch and more can be read on the original article.

https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/ranked-competitive-reveal ]




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