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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer



This piece is centered around the theme of heroism throughout time. No matter what the era or circumstances, humanity always has a penchant for battling back against all odds to ensure their survival. Some of the more notable lore-leaning moments you might notice are elements like an experimental test flight to further prove the viability of the then-fledgling Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, or a predecessor variant to the Falcon used in CMA search and rescue efforts.


This essentially acts as an extended coda to the aforementioned Forever We Fight trailer, showcasing the Master Chief taking the battle to the Banished on Installation 07, including an encounter with Tovarus, a member of the Hand of Atriox.


Unspoken gives a glimpse into a heroic sacrifice that served as a key element in the collective effort to recover alien technology and reverse engineer personal energy shields.


Project MAGNES was spearheaded by a tenacious and brilliant civilian engineer and research scientist—an endeavor that led directly to the development of the Grappleshot.


Lightbringers is a somber—but defiantly hopeful—glimpse into the resilience shown by a group of BXR miners who found themselves trapped amidst a Covenant attack.



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