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Spade-1 The Signal


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


45th Marine Regiment Stories as told by Shawn

Moving into formation a new Squad with a bold purpose, former crew with the Prowler Corps. looking for more action on the ground than the skulking in the stars. When the Razor-class prowler aboard the Spirit of Fire was reassigned to recon duties the ground focused crew were put to test on the Ark's first deployment.

"The Signal"
Spartan Jerome and Red Team investigate the source of a UNSC emergency signal, Recon company of the 45th Marine Regiment was deployed alongside Red Team to provide light reconnaissance.

Quickly the situation escalates. As Red Team retrieves Isabel and Douglas is injured by Atriox, the team prepares for an emergency evac and flees the head campsite. Quickly, Spade-1 and Spade-2 found themselves in the heat of battle securing a route for immediate evac.

Deployed 2 kilometers away from Red team to survey the area, Valentine, a discharged marine kept in the Squad as cannon fodder with a weird Reach ego runs into the open kissing the ground. With a head so far up his ass he hasn't seen what grass looked like since Arcadia and may not have been psychologically ready for whats to come. Immediately, he darts back with several others coming forward to secure the landing zone. GySgt. Flame, ordered all cannon fodder forward to take point approaching an abandoned UNSC campsite. The Squad without respect to her cartwheeled into position, Asirim cartwheeling all the way to the front of the camp nearly more than 500m. In the nausea throwing up while the rest of the squad approaches the camp from behind.

UNSC comms begin to go haywire, the camp is to be investigated after it was declared secure but Flame never reported it. For she did not want the drone footage of her entire squad cartwheeling in the middle of a combat zone to be seen by anyone else. A Falcon arrives, dropping off 2nd Lt. Blueaero who touched ground and immediately broke down in tears. "This just isn't Reach" he cries into the sky, citing the countless fun to be had there. Reach is now glassed, the planet lost to scavengers and any remaining covenant force there. Ensign Morris radios in to remind him he's infront of his squad and needs to remain orderly. Morris than shares the sentiment, "this ship sucks, I hate my life and we need more egirls on this ship" referencing a flirty encounter with a Cpl. Crystal Lynkz long ago on Arcadia. 

Her passing had hit him hard, needle fire from a blind grunt. It just wasn't fair to him, she had so much to live for and aspirations for something bigger. He blamed Harry Crambs a bridge officer who had assigned her at the first contact point to that overnight skirmish.

After several hours Spade-2 join them with stragglers from Kilo Company, Wayfinder and Bravo Company's Viking squad. Both in tatters, unable to speak on the horrendous friendly fire committed from orbit. The Spirit of Fire has gunmen that have been in cryosleep longer than anyone can remember. We don't know what effects that has on the eyes. With UNSC comms. all over from marine units happy to be out of cryosleep we can only imagine the trigger happy command back aboard the ship. 

Jason taking point, reports to the UNSC that the site is clear and his promotion is overdue. Stepping up, a bridge officer on the ship notice this fault in logistics and decided to bomb the squad in a drone strike. Before this bridge officer, Lieutenant Commander Harry Cramb could push the button, 2nd Lieutenant Maple on the ground pleaded that we're all just looking for something to shoot (and kill) to which Harry noticed something strange on the overhead. It was a sizable banished force surrounding the route they secured much like that seen at Red Teams position. As Falcons survey the area, the bridge officer had only one idea. Get those men and women out of there.

On the ground, first Squad entered a cavern nearby the camp site finding two ODSTs that made their way there through an underground tunnel system, seemingly lost. Both exasperated, trying to explain they did what had to be done and detonated bombs set to close off the hole they came from. In the shaking of the cave from the blast, the Banished approached the top of the ridge looking down at everyone.

Jason immediately fires his assault rifle yelling "die jungle monkeys" to which Brutes immediately took offense and held forward, jumping down into the squad marking the first fight as Jerome and Red team scurried past in a Warthog. 

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