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Halo Infinite February 4th Update


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


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Hey everyone – the team has been working hard to bring improvements to the game across the board. In this week’s post we’ll be focusing on the recent BTB updates and touch on ranked matchmaking. Let’s dive in!

Big Team Battle
Yesterday we released an update that focused on addressing the issues many of you were seeing in Big Team Battle. It’s only been a day, but our data shows that matchmaking success rates have returned to normal. Combining that with community reports of smooth matchmaking, we’re pretty confident in saying that BTB is back – and now, better than ever.

Along with this update, we also managed to squeeze in two community requested changes to Big Team Battle itself.

  • When searching with a party, all members of your lobby will be marked appropriately as members of your Fireteam in the match. We know it’s not ideal to end up in a different squad lineup, but for now, even if a player from your party doesn’t show up in your intro camera lineup, they’ll still appear as part of your fireteam throughout the duration of the match.

  • Tank Beats Everything. We’ve updated the Pelican vehicle deliveries to drop tanks (M808 Scorpions & Wraiths) earlier, and more often in matches.

There were a few other changes included in this update, which you can read about in our patch notes on the Halo Support site: https://aka.ms/HaloInfiniteUpdate 207

Bot Backfill Difficulty
Next week, the Bot backfill difficulty will be increased from Marine to ODST. This means that when a player leaves and gets replaced by a Bot, that Bot will now be at the ODST skill level. We hope these ODST Bots can help your team out when they drop feet first into your matches.

Ranked Matchmaking
We’ve been keeping a close eye on Ranked since launch. The team has been monitoring data, pairing that up with community reports and feedback, and has some updates they’d like to go after during this season.

Since we’re going to be making some improvements mid-season, we plan on resetting Competitive Skill Ranks (CSR). After implementing these updates and giving everyone a fresh start, we expect to see players get redistributed more accurately.

As we get closer, we’ll be sure to give everyone a heads-up on when exactly they can expect all this to land. If you’re close to that next rank, now’s the time to go after it!

We hope you’ve been enjoying these weekly updates, and we’ll see you online for some BTB!

- Unyshek 

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